Hey, so this is going to be my blog…. Yay.

Wanted to do this for some time, just didn’t know the right place to start. I’ve been writing consistently for a few years now. Started to relieve stress and to help myself formulate my thoughts, and kept going because I enjoyed this form of expressing myself. Been doing it for a while, and I thought I was getting good, so I thought, ”Hell, why not make it public?”

That was the first thought of starting a blog, then the nervous thoughts of,”Oh shit, real people will be reading my thoughts…” came next. I can’t be so bad, though. I think most people are generally supportive….. well probably not. But whatever, I’m still going to try.

I write about a plethora of things. Such things include music, anime, martial arts, philosophising about different aspects of life, stuff in my own personal life, and other things as well. If you like this, then great! If you don’t, the fuck off. I’m just kidding! it’s cool if you don’t like this blog. Not gonna attack someone because of their opinion. I’m an adult after all.


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