Grappling’s Mad Weird.

Man, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’s fucking weird.

Only in jiu-jitsu will you grapple against a friend, try to seriously injure and or kill them, by breaking a limb or choking unconscious, in rounds of 3 to 6 minutes, get someone else’s sweat and possibly blood all over you, smile and shake hands when the round’s done, and be fine afterwards. It’s so weird. It’s weird, it’s hard to learn, it can be dangerous, but it’s also beautiful.

The beauty in the way the human body moves. The beauty is in ferocity and indomitability of the human spirit not to submit to defeat. There is also beauty in being defeated, for it brings a sense of humility and understanding that the person wasn’t aware of before.

Yea man, jiu-jitsu is amazing…. but it’s still weird. You know what else is weird? Judo.

Judo is weird in that you’re allowing your teammate to throw you to the ground on purpose. I mean sure, you break your fall by slapping the mats hard with your arm on time, but still, what kind of sensible human would let someone throw them on the ground, only to stand back up and get thrown again? Only a couple weeks ago, I injured my elbow and rib at a tournament and went back to training two days later. Thinking back to it, I started to wonder, why the hell do I do this crazy shit? Judo’s nuts man.

Jeez, the martial arts are some strange avocations. It is essentially seeking human development through pain and stress. That’s what judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling other grappling arts and some striking arts are. The art of using the human body to solve problems under high amounts of stress and fatigue. In most cases, it will show you the type of person you truly are. Wil you collapse under stress, or will you rise to the occasion?

….still crazy though.




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