Love/Hate Writing Because It’s So Easy/Hard.

I love writing. It truly helps me get certain feelings out, it helps me understand certain things about a certain topic, and it also shows me different things about myself that I didn’t otherwise know. It’s one of my hobbies for a reason. Writing helps to calm my nerves, ease my tensions and allows me to be creative. I thoroughly enjoy writing. With that being said, writing is also really hard.

Writing is one of the most difficult hobbies I have ever started doing, right up there with soccer (when I was much younger) and jiu-jitsu. When I hit the keyboard, it is almost painful how hard I have to think to come up with a new idea or to even keep an idea in my head. Some serious writer’s block occurs when I try to put pen to paper, or in this case finger to keys.

And that’s just starting an idea.

Once the idea has been found and locked into my mind, it’s a little easier, but trying to expand on that idea with experiences and examples and trying to mould those experiences and examples into something that is somewhat entertaining to read is all kinds of tough.

It’s tough, but it’s not even the toughest part. The distractions are the worse.

When I begin to write, or in the middle of writing, the distractions are a serious pain. it’s like Resistance, the universal force that Steven Pressfield talks about, Shoots right up my ass, brings supplies and builds a home. I get so easily distracted. Whether it’s from doing my thing and getting a notification that a cool video has been uploaded, or going into the kitchen and making something I know I’m not going to finish eating. So now my problem is unfinished work….. and wasted food.

Basically, my main problems come down to distractions, procrastination, and finding it hard to focus. That has to change, otherwise, I’ll be letting time and opportunities pass me by.

So yeah, I love and hate writing.



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