Logic For President

So Logic, aka Young Sinatra, aka Bobby Tarantino, Sir Robert Bryson Hall II (his real name) or Bob is my favorite recording artist. This should be no surprise to anyone. Here are a couple of reasons why.

The first, the message behind his music. His saying,‘’Peace, love and positivity’’, is heard throughout his music, and has amassed a loyal fanbase that he supports and continues to support. 

It is also something special to hear the message of peace continually spread through the medium of music by someone who has grown up in such a chaotic environment. To have grown up in an environment where drugs, violence, and negativity were the norm, and to keep a positive outlook even when it seems like there is no escape from what is around you is inspiring, at least to me.

Second, the music itself. There have been times in some of Logic’s past projects where some have said that he sounds like other rappers. Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, and Drake have all been thrown out there.

Here’s what I think about this.

Logic is capable of changing up his style of rap. With this skill, he makes himself even more versatile in his craft. He can become very soulful like a J.Cole, or become very prolific with his lyrics, like Kendrick. He’s not trying to steal another rapper’s cadence. It’s just that his cadence is similar to others.

But that’s just the style of rap.

The production is what always amazes me. Sonically, it is such a breathtaking experience listening to his music. I have to give credit to the producer 6ix, the audio engineer Bobby Campbell, and so many other artists and producers for helping him create such masterpieces.

Third, he is someone I admire. It’s no secret that I have a high opinion of Logic. I would not be writing this if I didn’t. So what do I admire then? His work ethic, his determination to never lose sight of his dreams and goals, and the things that his peers say about him. He has talked about how he would come home from a long day of working multiple jobs, have eight to nine hours to sleep, but spend around four or five of those hours grinding.

Recording music, writing lyrics, and anything else needed to achieve the goal of success. Even when life throws so many hardships and struggles you’re way, to continue to persevere and keep grinding in the face of adversity is a mark of true strength.

But what really makes me interested in Logic, other than the music, is his story. He came from nothing but made something, not only for his life but for millions of other lives, including my own. Hopefully, people can recognize this and follow a path to success with the same determination and drive that Logic has shown over the years.

And to that, I have to say, Thanks, Bob.


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