Logic For President

So Logic, aka Young Sinatra, aka Bobby Tarantino, Sir Robert Bryson Hall II (his real name) or Bob is my favorite recording artist. This should be no surprise to anyone. Here are a couple of reasons why.

The first, the message behind his music. His saying,‘’Peace, love and positivity’’, is heard throughout his music, and has amassed a loyal fanbase that he supports and continues to support. 

It is also something special to hear the message of peace continually spread through the medium of music by someone who has grown up in such a chaotic environment. To have grown up in an environment where drugs, violence, and negativity were the norm, and to keep a positive outlook even when it seems like there is no escape from what is around you is inspiring, at least to me.

Second, the music itself. There have been times in some of Logic’s past projects where some have said that he sounds like other rappers. Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, and Drake have all been thrown out there.

Here’s what I think about this.

Logic is capable of changing up his style of rap. With this skill, he makes himself even more versatile in his craft. He can become very soulful like a J.Cole, or become very prolific with his lyrics, like Kendrick. He’s not trying to steal another rapper’s cadence. It’s just that his cadence is similar to others.

But that’s just the style of rap.

The production is what always amazes me. Sonically, it is such a breathtaking experience listening to his music. I have to give credit to the producer 6ix, the audio engineer Bobby Campbell, and so many other artists and producers for helping him create such masterpieces.

Third, he is someone I admire. It’s no secret that I have a high opinion of Logic. I would not be writing this if I didn’t. So what do I admire then? His work ethic, his determination to never lose sight of his dreams and goals, and the things that his peers say about him. He has talked about how he would come home from a long day of working multiple jobs, have eight to nine hours to sleep, but spend around four or five of those hours grinding.

Recording music, writing lyrics, and anything else needed to achieve the goal of success. Even when life throws so many hardships and struggles you’re way, to continue to persevere and keep grinding in the face of adversity is a mark of true strength.

But what really makes me interested in Logic, other than the music, is his story. He came from nothing but made something, not only for his life but for millions of other lives, including my own. Hopefully, people can recognize this and follow a path to success with the same determination and drive that Logic has shown over the years.

And to that, I have to say, Thanks, Bob.

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Love/Hate Writing Because It’s So Easy/Hard.

I love writing. It truly helps me get certain feelings out, it helps me understand certain things about a certain topic, and it also shows me different things about myself that I didn’t otherwise know. It’s one of my hobbies for a reason. Writing helps to calm my nerves, ease my tensions and allows me to be creative. I thoroughly enjoy writing. With that being said, writing is also really hard.

Writing is one of the most difficult hobbies I have ever started doing, right up there with soccer (when I was much younger) and jiu-jitsu. When I hit the keyboard, it is almost painful how hard I have to think to come up with a new idea or to even keep an idea in my head. Some serious writer’s block occurs when I try to put pen to paper, or in this case finger to keys.

And that’s just starting an idea.

Once the idea has been found and locked into my mind, it’s a little easier, but trying to expand on that idea with experiences and examples and trying to mould those experiences and examples into something that is somewhat entertaining to read is all kinds of tough.

It’s tough, but it’s not even the toughest part. The distractions are the worse.

When I begin to write, or in the middle of writing, the distractions are a serious pain. it’s like Resistance, the universal force that Steven Pressfield talks about, Shoots right up my ass, brings supplies and builds a home. I get so easily distracted. Whether it’s from doing my thing and getting a notification that a cool video has been uploaded, or going into the kitchen and making something I know I’m not going to finish eating. So now my problem is unfinished work….. and wasted food.

Basically, my main problems come down to distractions, procrastination, and finding it hard to focus. That has to change, otherwise, I’ll be letting time and opportunities pass me by.

So yeah, I love and hate writing.


Grappling’s Mad Weird.

Man, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’s fucking weird.

Only in jiu-jitsu will you grapple against a friend, try to seriously injure and or kill them, by breaking a limb or choking unconscious, in rounds of 3 to 6 minutes, get someone else’s sweat and possibly blood all over you, smile and shake hands when the round’s done, and be fine afterwards. It’s so weird. It’s weird, it’s hard to learn, it can be dangerous, but it’s also beautiful.

The beauty in the way the human body moves. The beauty is in ferocity and indomitability of the human spirit not to submit to defeat. There is also beauty in being defeated, for it brings a sense of humility and understanding that the person wasn’t aware of before.

Yea man, jiu-jitsu is amazing…. but it’s still weird. You know what else is weird? Judo.

Judo is weird in that you’re allowing your teammate to throw you to the ground on purpose. I mean sure, you break your fall by slapping the mats hard with your arm on time, but still, what kind of sensible human would let someone throw them on the ground, only to stand back up and get thrown again? Only a couple weeks ago, I injured my elbow and rib at a tournament and went back to training two days later. Thinking back to it, I started to wonder, why the hell do I do this crazy shit? Judo’s nuts man.

Jeez, the martial arts are some strange avocations. It is essentially seeking human development through pain and stress. That’s what judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling other grappling arts and some striking arts are. The art of using the human body to solve problems under high amounts of stress and fatigue. In most cases, it will show you the type of person you truly are. Wil you collapse under stress, or will you rise to the occasion?

….still crazy though.




Hey, so this is going to be my blog…. Yay.

Wanted to do this for some time, just didn’t know the right place to start. I’ve been writing consistently for a few years now. Started to relieve stress and to help myself formulate my thoughts, and kept going because I enjoyed this form of expressing myself. Been doing it for a while, and I thought I was getting good, so I thought, ”Hell, why not make it public?”

That was the first thought of starting a blog, then the nervous thoughts of,”Oh shit, real people will be reading my thoughts…” came next. I can’t be so bad, though. I think most people are generally supportive….. well probably not. But whatever, I’m still going to try.

I write about a plethora of things. Such things include music, anime, martial arts, philosophising about different aspects of life, stuff in my own personal life, and other things as well. If you like this, then great! If you don’t, the fuck off. I’m just kidding! it’s cool if you don’t like this blog. Not gonna attack someone because of their opinion. I’m an adult after all.

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